Whew. Thank goodness that's over.

Finally! I made it!

Here we are on this extra day of my short NaBloPoMo month. It has been a real experience blogging every day this month. I have been able to get a lot of thoughts that have been simmering in the back of my mind out in the open.

We talked about disability issues and ableism. We talked about inclusive education and how being a special needs parent is like the Iraq War.

We saw many cute pictures and a couple cute videos.

I gave out tips and definitions and wondered if my son were turning invisible.

We talked about my novella for a week and I even made it free for a weekend, an offer that more than 300 of you took me up on.

And, finally, you helped me celebrate this blog's one-year anniversary just by being here, sharing in my experience, commiserating, co-rejoicing and participating in thoughtful discussions.

Thank you.

But I'm quite sleepy.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....


  1. Good job with lots of meaningful topics! I am doing the same for March for CP awareness - we'll see how it goes (although truthfully I've been planning it for ages so have been making a list of topics!)

  2. Nice job,Shasta! You always have such great things to write. In a way I am glad you aren't going to write every day now. It is hard for me to keep up and I hate being behind or missing any of what you have to say. :)


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