What does it feel like to have cerebral palsy? (Guest post)

A question I've been wrestling with for a while is "What does cerebral palsy feel like?"

So, I asked a blogging buddy who writes at Life of the Differently Abled. If you want a window on the life of an adult with CP, I highly recommend you check out her blog.

Here's what she said when I asked her what CP feels like:

Hello to the loyal readers and new friends of this blog and my great appreciation goes to Shasta for allowing me the opportunity for a guest post. Shasta approached me to try and understand her son who has cerebral palsy and what it felt like.

My name is Laura Forde. I am college educated and live in Canada. I myself, have quad spastic cerebral palsy and one of Shasta’s questions to me was something that I have spent a little time pondering before writing this post, she asked: what does cerebral palsy feels like I’m asked this question frequently and have done my best to describe the physical feelings of cerebral palsy but in that previous post I neglected the emotional component of cerebral palsy.

I have come to the harsh reality that cerebral palsy means I am physically slower. This when I was a child worked against me, I was often left out by my peers this wasn’t meanness. This I feel was simply something that was a norm for me. My physical disability and use of wheelchair seemed to automatically label me as different. I won’t lie that difference presented a sense of social isolation. That being said I have always had a small but mighty core group of friends.

Thank you for allowing me this introduction and I hope you will invite me back  


  1. This is something I constantly wonder. I will follow her blog!


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