Yes, it's true. I am the eleventy-five billionth person to try to make money by giving content away for free on the Internet. Since that makes me an uncomfortable marriage of reporter-photographer-editor-publisher-ad rep, I'm telling you here exactly what that means in the hopes that you won't feel hoodwinked in any way. Well, not you, of course, since you are very media-savvy, so what I really mean is that other guy. You know the one. He's such an idiot.

So, here's how I make money, and you really needn't be jealous because I'm sure you can find a similar amount in your couch cushions.

» I was using Google AdSense but they unceremoniously booted me from their program for reasons I've yet to understand. It feels very unfair, but the Internet seems to feel I have no chance of appealing their decision, so I'm moving on.

» I have been accepted into Google Affiliates and hope to gain advertising from them.

» I make a small percentage from Amazon Associates. This way, if I tell you about a book I like or a product I like, I can give you a link to Amazon.com where you can buy it and I will get up to 15 percent of your purchase. Amazon in no way suggests to me things that I can suggest to you. It has to come from my own noggin. I promise to use this power for good and not evil.

» There are other options for making money that I'm exploring but haven't participated in yet. One of the most popular is paid reviews, but I don't know how I feel about that yet. I'm also looking into display advertising.

Another important thing I want to tell you is how I edit my blog.

» With old media, once it's gone to press, that's it: no more changes. This is good, because there is an immovable record of it. That said, I feel that one of the advantages of a blog is that it's a living creation, and since I have no editor, I've decided that I don't want to leave typos or poor wording out in plain sight just for the sake of old conventions. So, I will change these things at will and without notifying you.

» However, my pledge and solemn vow is that if I make a correction of fact that I will clearly label the post as containing a correction and what the correction was about.

And finally, I want to mention my privacy policy.

» Since we're on Blogger, the privacy policy is the same as theirs.

» You can post anonymously or you can post as your Blogger avatar. If I can tell who you are by your post but you prefer to remain anonymous, I promise not to "out" you.

» I promise not to sell my subscriber list or give it to a third party.

» My blog is about my life and friends and family are part of it. If you are a friend or a family member, I promise not to say anything about you that I wouldn't say to your face with an audience of strangers watching.

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