News and information specifically for parents of disabled kids? Yes, please!

I'm back! Well, sort of. 

I have decided to blend my two passions — journalism and parenting disabled children — into a new weekly publication. Check it out at

Each Sunday, I'll put out a column and a round-up of news digests.

We are going to dive into topics like IEPs and SSDI and DSM-5 and all kinds of other alphabet soup that parents of kids with diagnoses have to learn overnight. 

If you liked, you will love its grown-up cousin

Sign ups are still free right now! Or you can choose to support the project at $5/month (or $50 per year) or take advantage of our launch sale of $3/month and $30 per year. I'm hoping that I can get enough voluntary supporters (think: public radio) that I can keep it free forever. 

Go check it out and see if it's useful or interesting for your life! 

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