Results of the giveaway plus A SURPRISE!

Thank you to everybody who entered the giveaway!

This was my first giveaway, so I apologize that I didn't make the rules very clear. I guess I assumed that everyone who entered would leave a comment since that's the easiest one to do. So, even people who didn't leave a comment but entered in the other ways, such as liking my Facebook page or adding it to their shelf on Good Reads were entered even though I indicated that leaving a comment was required.

So, with the results chosen from, the winners are.....

Ross and Terri!

Ross entered an amazing SIX times, but Terri only entered once with a review on Good Reads. Amazing! I guess that really is "true randomness."

Feeling disappointed because you didn't win, huh? I've been there.


In celebration of my blog's one-year anniversary, and to thank all my readers, A Twist of Fate will be FREE to EVERYONE this entire weekend. That is, from midnight tonight to midnight on Sunday, you, your brother, your dog, ANYONE can download my novella for FREE.

That's right! Free!

Spread the word and happy reading!

Thanks to my friend Andrea for this beautiful photo!


  1. You should've said it's free for US residents only..:)

    Can't download it , and I'm from Greece..

    1. Oh no! I guess I assumed with the Internet being international and all that Amazon would be too.

      Just so you know, it's not free yet. Try again in a few hours.

    2. Just tried again and YAY it was free!! Thank you so much!!


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