Chia Seeds: A Simple and Fun Way to Make Your Kids WANT to Boost Their Fiber and Nutrition!

OK, this is a silly little post, but I'm quite proud of this idea, so I needed to share it.

I put Chia Seeds, which are super nutritious and high in fiber, into a pepper shaker.

Pay attention now because this is the key: I then called them "sprinkles."

Since my twins' first introduction to "sprinkles" was during Christmas cookie season, they were predictably elated about having sprinkles on whatever they want — oatmeal, applesauce, whatever. They even get to shake them themselves and who cares if they put on way too many?

It's been several months now and they still are excited about sprinkles and only occasionally seem to wonder why they don't taste like anything.

Try it with your kids. Major mom points.

(Oh, but make sure you don't give them access to any pepper shakers with actual pepper in them. I have a feeling this would very rapidly end the "sprinkles" honeymoon.)

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