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One of the best things — maybe the best thing — about all of this Kickstarter business is watching as friends, new and old, close and distant, share the project with their friends. 

I thought I would share a few of their sentiments with you to convince you that Dark & Light is not just a great cause, but a book worth owning. The following were taken from my Facebook wall (or timeline, whatever they're calling it these days):

My friend Shasta continues to blow me away with how talented she is. This time it's a children's book that she's written called Dark & Light. All profits from this kickstarter will go to funding continued treatment of her son Malachi's CP. I hope everyone will at least take a peek at the kickstarter page, and if it's not something you can help fund, but want to help, consider sharing it around :)

♥ This would be a great gift to anyone who is having a baby, has a baby or thinking about making one. =) It helps an amazing family (part of mine) and you get a cleverly designed book that is great for all children. Thanks Shasta Kearns Moore ♥

I just backed this project for two, no, three reasons: 1: Malachi 2: Shasta is a great writer (I'm a regular reader of her blog) and I want to help her achieve her dream, and 3: In my limited experience as a mom who reads a LOT to her sons, they really love simple stories. Ever since Shasta first told me about this book sitting in the baby area at OMSI, I've believed she had a winner. I WANT to read this book to my boys! If you have a few extra dollars, this is a cause worth backing. Go Shasta Kearns Moore!

Hello Everyone! My friend Shasta Kearns Moore wrote an INCREDIBLE book for babies and anyone who reads to them entitled Dark & Light and is releasing it through a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for one of her child's medical/therapeutic expenses. Even a simple pledge of $10 will get you a copy of this AMAZING book, and you'll be supporting a beautiful boy, his loving family and a very talented artist all at once!! Do it.

My super-talented friend Shasta Kearns Moore wrote an children's book and is selling it through Kickstarter. She's trying to raise money to fund her son's medical treatments and you should check it out.

My wife has created a beautiful children's story and we are raising money to get it published. If you have a child in your life that loves being read to or a parent who is tired of the same old meaningless drivel check out her book. It has a simple but satisfyingly deep story that is brought to life with deceptively simple illustrations. It is a tale of elemental opposites who learn to love each others differences and the magic that results. It's a wonderful read by a wonderful author, my wife!

OK, you can probably guess who wrote that last one! ;)

There are only four days left in the campaign and a little over $800 left to go on our second goal of $10,000. If we reach the second goal, all backers over $15 will not only receive the first book but an ebook copy of the second book! I have also pledged to pay forward 10 percent of the profits from Dark & Light to other special needs kids (the other 90 percent will go exclusively to my own son's medical costs). As a result, I challenged all my backers to match my pledge by adding 10 percent to their own pledge and I'm so excited that several backers have answered that call!

Go check it out to see what you have to say about Dark & Light!


  1. Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog. You truly touched me. And that link you posted, wow! I printed it out and will be referring to it frequently I'm sure!

    I just want to say that I have read a just a snippet of your blog, and will definitely be reading more, but your children are absolutely beautiful! I actually just read the post "A Day in Our Life". I laughed and cried, and laughed and cried again. The sheer joy on Jaden's face by the duck pond = priceless! Malachi's smile = incredible! And the you should have warned to have the tissues ready. I can't describe the emotions I felt watching Malachi in the tub...I just felt so lifted. I will definitely be following you and their progress. So glad to have found your blog...gotta love ICLW!!!

    1. Hi Rebecca! That's so sweet, thank you! And that's so awesome that you were inspired! I think you will have a lot of success on your journey to weight loss!

      I completely fell down on the job on ICLW — I only managed to do that one day and feel very embarrassed about it, but glad to have met you!!


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