The ebook version of Dark & Light is now available!

Thank you to everyone for making week one of our Kickstarter campaign such an amazing success! I truly did not think we would make it this far this fast!

In response to numerous requests, I have figured out how to bring this picture book to e-book form! Woo-hoo!

But here's the best part: I have decided to make the e-book FREE to everyone who buys the board book! That's right, all backers will get a copy of the ebook in whatever format they desire (PDF, ePub, mobi, etc.) just for being so awesome and supporting our dream!

This also allows me to open up a lower bracket for backers who only want the ebook or don't have much scratch right now (I get it.). So, there is a new reward level of $5 for the ebook only.

Hopefully that will entice more people to join our cause! Even more than the amount of money we've raised, I'm deeply moved by the number of backers we have — at last count 87. Wow. So many people who care enough about this book and my family to act. Thank you!

If you know people who are interested in the book but didn't feel they could afford $10, please let them know about this new ebook opportunity.

Although we've raised about $3,000, we are still $2,000 from our goal and that's a lot of $5 and $10 pledges away! I'm guessing that most people supported this project because they were genuinely interested in the book, so be nice to your friends and give them the same opportunity! This may very well be the only press run of Dark & Light EVER so this is their only chance to get a copy!

Again: thank you!


  1. Your going to make it without a doubt Shasta. I want to contribute myself but I need to wait and see as they are making a few changes to my disability payments. I want you to know that you have my support and I'm going to see what I can do.

    1. That's fabulous, Ross. A tweet or a share or a blog post is just as valuable as money and it's wonderful to know we have your support!


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