HuffPo just did a story on our Kickstarter!

Amazing! I can't believe how much interest we've gotten in our Kickstarter project for Dark & Light! The Huffington Post just put up a story on their Parenting website. Check it out!

We are 2 backers away from a staggering 200 people saying they support this idea, which to me is worth more than the $7,822 we've raised — but that's awesome too! There is little more than a week in the campaign and I need everyone to keep up the buzz. If you can take a second to share the HuffPo story with your social networks it could go a long way towards achieving our second goal of $10,000! And don't forget that if we reach that goal, backers (you have already backed it, right??) get a bigger reward, too! Win-win-win, that's what we're after here!



  1. Lovely to find your blog and read about you and your boys. congratulations on such a beautiful book too. I am a little further along the cp parenting journey and really enjoyed reading about M being more like other kids than not xxxx


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