The halfway mark already!!

Why, yes, that is my face under the word "popular."
What alternate dimension is this?

Wow. Amazing.

When I launched my Kickstarter project I thought it would be reasonable — and perhaps a bit lofty — to expect that we would raise $1,000 a week and then have to push hard for the last week to reach our $5,000 goal.

Well, considering we just blew past the halfway mark and it hasn't even been a week, I'd say my predictions were a bit modest! All of my contributors have absolutely blown me away with their generosity, and not just with money — like I said before it's not really about that. I have had countless friends simply share the link to my Kickstarter campaign, taking the time to write profound and heartfelt messages of support.

It's been truly an honor to be part of this ground-swelling of support and I thank every one of my backers for deciding to be part of this dream.

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that donations have come to a near-stand-still in the last 24-hours. Perhaps this is a fluke, but it's definitely got me worried and I'm asking for your help to keep the momentum going. If you know of anyone with kids in their lives, please let them know about this book. Even though I'm aiming Dark & Light at babies because of the black-and-white, feedback from older children has been very positive, too. I've also heard from a couple people in the visually impaired community that this is a perfect book for their kids.

And hey, you like it, right? So your friends probably will, too!

(Note: Backers may notice that this is a slightly modified version of an update sent out through Kickstarter. I thought it might also be of interest to my blog readers, so I put it here... you know, because I can.)


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