'A Twist of Fate' coming soon to
an e-reader near you!

Hi folks!

Remember back when I told you about the novella I just finished writing and the interview a local writing blogger did about me and when I gave you an excerpt from the book?

Sure you do.

Anyway, I've finally run the gauntlet of friend/family editors, fruitless agent queries and exclusive publishing house rejections and feel comfortable self-publishing. I knew this was where I would end up with a story under 30,000 words, but I had to try, right?

So, this week I'm planning to announce (just in time for holiday shopping!) a pristine electronic copy of "A Twist of Fate" for your very own. Until then, here's a copy of the cover, which I just finished, containing original artwork by a longtime friend and amazing artist, Christian Stairs.

Be sure to put it on your stocking stuffer list for your favorite readers!


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