Hey, you know what else I do?
Write fiction.

So, here's the standard reaction when I tell people I've finished my novella:

"Don't you have twins? Don't you have a disabled child? Don't you have a million therapy appointments? Don't you have a blog? Where do you find all the time?"

I dunno why nobody asks about the state of my kitchen. Or my garden. Or my waistline. (OK, I do know why. That would be rude. Please don't ask about my waistline.)

Anyway, I have finished a novella, which for those keeping track is shorter than a novel, which is what I'd hoped to write. But — curse my journalism upbringing — I have a hard time writing about random things that don't move the story forward. Therefore, A Twist of Fate is a fast-paced, entertaining romp through the lives of three women who swap lives... with sexy results!

How does that sound for a jacket cover? Hmm... still a work in progress, I think. Here's what it's actually about:

Three women — a coke-addicted New York City stripper, an Orange County gold trader's business-savvy daughter and a water-fetching slumdog in Mumbai — suddenly switch lives. They discover the personality traits that got them into trouble in their own life lead to success and happiness in their counterpart's life. But when they are rotated again into the second woman's life, those same traits lead very quickly to certain death.

So, that's the story. But what it's about is that people are often blamed for the bad situations they are in because there must be something wrong with them. I wanted to show how those same traits can be good in the right circumstances.

Hopefully that sounds interesting. It's much less complicated in the book than when you try to describe it in a couple sentences.

This weekend I'll post an excerpt and then on Monday my friend and fellow novelist Laura Stanfill will post an interview she did with me on her blog, www.laurastanfill.wordpress.com. She asked me a bunch of neat questions about my process so head on over there next week to check it out!


  1. Wonderful! Can't wait!

  2. Anonymous2:54 AM

    How'd you find the time? I'd say the people who ask that know nothing of the need for "my time," the few moments each day mom's need for themselves to chill out and remain sane. Sounds like you made good use of your "my time!" I hope it sells well for you. :o)

  3. Exactly. You gotta have me time. My plan for this last year was to have one (normal) kid and write a book. Well, that didn't happen, but I feel like I need to honor my dream a little bit.
    As for sales, I hope so, but since it's so short it's probably back to the drawing board to write another to put in an anthology. :P

  4. congrats on the book completion!! :D :D you're an inspiration ♥


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