Wordless Wednesday:
Look, mom, we're "standing"

Sorry I haven't written a post yet this week. I've been having too much fun with my new friends over at FOR(m)UM: a place for moms (and dads!) of multiples with disabilities to connect. If you fit that description, come join us!

Otherwise, here is what I think is an interesting photo also in the vein of "The same, but different," which was our theme last week.

He's not showing it in this photo, but Malachi likes his new stander! ... in limited amounts.

And here's a fun one of us at the zoo, just because.


  1. I love that Malachi's stander is low to the ground so the boys can be at eye level - Asher's is high up and much more archaic looking than that. Cute!

  2. Annon2:09 PM

    At first I thought that Matt's hand was Malachai's chest. My first thought was "my what a hairy chest your son has, and at such a young age". Now that I know differently I feel silly for thinking that in the first place.

  3. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Haha Annon, you made me laugh!

    That is a much better stander than the one we're getting! All Julia needs is a half-face mask and she'll look like Hannibal Lecter.

  4. Shasta, you have very handsome boys there. They just keep getting cuter and cuter. :) I can't wait to meet them some day. I still have hope I can come visit sometime soon. Love you guys!!!!

  5. Anonymous5:12 PM

    I see nice postures in both!


  6. Tracey and Amy: I'm pretty sure our PT made the stander out of sturdy (though Jaden is actively testing how sturdy it can be) cardboard. I'll ask her more about it when she comes back. She brought in a plastic, metal contraption one time that didn't look nearly as cute or comfortable and Malachi didn't like it.

    Annon: Matt says his co-workers thought the same thing, but I can't see it. I've tried squinting at it, but I just feel like it would be a really weird shirt for his chest to be hanging out.

    Barbara: Thanks! Love the expert opinion!

  7. OMG! I love the photos. Very cute boys you have! And that is a pretty super smile that Jaden has in the pic at the zoo :-)

  8. So glad to see him rocking the stander!

  9. Awesome! Where did you get this. Abel and my lower back would love one!

    1. Don't you have a stander? We got it from EI, but he's too big for it now.

      Also, have you seen his scooter? http://www.outrageousfortune.net/2012/02/malachis-newfound-mobility.html


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