Wordless Wednesday: 10 years ago...

Our first picture together as a couple....

Same place almost exactly 10 years later....

.....and two kids later.


  1. Love the idea of going back to the same place and taking a picture while holding the older photo. Very creative!

  2. Thanks! I have to admit I stole the idea from an artist who I profiled back in my reporter days. In fact, thanks for reminding me that I should give her credit. Here's my story about her:


  3. You're running out of arms and hands! But in 10 years, I imagine that won't be an issue. Cool idea.
    BTW, was this San Francisco's Chinatown?

  4. No kidding! Hopefully in 10 years that won't be an issue!!

    It was indeed; I'm surprised at how many people recognize it. It's a very out of the way alley. But it is where a fortune cookie factory is, so that must be a popular tourist destination.


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