Happy Halloween!

Ok, so I should have written this post yesterday or the day before but things have been pretty busy since our return from California. Not to mention, we've had some pretty remarkable milestones... of course from the twin we didn't spend thousands towards his development on.

Jaden's first word came when we finally got home from our trip at midnight. The cat was parading around chastising us for being gone so long and Jaden pointed at her and said "ca!" three times. Not only had we not seen the cat for more than a week but I have never consciously taught Jaden the word "cat." But the next morning I asked him if that was the cat and he replied "ca!" So, it's official. (Yesterday, we went to a house with dogs and he said "ca!" and I said, "No, that's a dog," so he calls them "da!")

Also, two days ago Jaden toddled his first few steps all on his own and yesterday while holding a remote he toddled a few more before my exclamation of joy caused him to topple over. It's very exciting, but of course it takes effort not to think all the un-accomplishments going on nearby.

Anyway, all of that is to explain why I didn't post this awesome picture at a more appropriately festive time:

It's hard to tell from this photo, but I was a tree for my two monkeys to climb on. (Anyone who knows the series Portlandia will appreciate that I "put a bird on it.")

I thought it would be funny if Malachi were Monkey See and Jaden were Monkey Do, but the few people I told that joke to laughed nervously, so maybe it's offensive. But hey, last year Malachi got to be Superman while Jaden was Clark Kent, so I think it's fair.

In case you're wondering, I was A Tall Building.

What were you guys for Halloween?


  1. The boys costumes are seriously cute.
    And I am so glad that other kids also have a first word that was a family pet (as opposed to Mama).
    Oh, and I think the money see, monkey do thing is funny. But that could be just me....

  2. Those are freaking adorable Halloween costumes! We went as Batman villains: Macgyver was Joker, Punky was Catwoman, Flintstone was Riddler, and I was Poison Ivy.

    And our pictures still aren't up!

  3. Thanks, guys! They were on a major sale and I couldn't pass them up. Granted, I probably could have spent less but they were suuuuuper easy and they double as warm (and ridiculously cute) jackets and pants.

    Colleen, getting your whole family to do a theme is impressive! I have little hope of convincing the boys to be anything after they start having opinions in T-a few months.

  4. My boys went as a shark and a monster. We had a Halloween party on Saturday and trick or treating on Monday so they each got to wear each costume. Check the pics out on Facebook if you haven't already. I know I already commented on your photo on FB but it deserves a second - best picture ever! Love the costumes, loves the smiles :-)

  5. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Hi, I'm the OT who left you hanging... I hate to do that. I keep forgetting that the name of the technique changed. Here is the sight you should go to for info...


    This is the clinic that practices this method, my mentor Eufrocina is the owner.


    I hope to start writing soon, but I barely have time to take a shower!

  6. Jenny: I love that they each got to wear each costume! Having twins does come with certain economies, doesn't it?

    Hi OT! I checked out the website but their directory is broken and your clinic is in another state: CA of course (we just went there)! Sounds like if you're gonna have a SPN child, you'd better have it in CA! So many more resources!

  7. They are so cute! Sorry I haven't had more time to drop by but over the last three weeks I've been dealing with three surgeries of my own to put in my spinal implant. Sounds like you need to be in California! I'm happy to hear that so much progress was made down there. I'll continue to pray for finances so that maybe you can get another trip in soon!

  8. Anonymous12:29 PM


    I'm sorry to hear that the directory is broken. I've just sent an email and I hope that they will fix it soon!

    We may be able to contact one of the representatives...they may have the list. You can find them under the descriptions of the classes.

    I hope that helps!

    I'm really moved by your blog. I'm reading from the start.


  9. Hi Bea,

    I've talked to Dr. Patty and now a Suzanne on e-mail. They say there are no practitioners in Oregon and urge me to spend lots of money to go to far-away classes. I'm sure they have the best of intentions, but that's not feasible for our family right now. Again, guess we ought to live in California. :P

    Oh, I'm so glad you like the blog. It's definitely a labor of love.

  10. Anonymous2:27 PM

    Patty from the site emailed me back. She says they are redeveloping that part and it will be up soon.

    I also asked her for providers in your area. I'll let you know, if she gets back to me.


  11. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Oops! Guess I should read your comment first.

    I'm sorry about your situation. I guess I'd better get my act together and start blogging! I'm going to try to show some of the techniques in video format. I just don't have the luxury of my baby sleeping early. Hopefully, he will soon be able to give mommy a little more me time.

    I was also thinking of assisting my friend find money to fund therapy for those who can't afford it. Something that would be a benefit to all parties involved. Would you be interested?


  12. Yes! Start blogging! And yes! Let me know about fundraising efforts!


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