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News and information specifically for parents of disabled kids? Yes, please!

I'm back! Well, sort of.  I have decided to blend my two passions — journalism and parenting disabled children — into a new weekly publication. Check it out at . Each Sunday, I'll put out a column and a round-up of news digests. We are going to dive into topics like IEPs and SSDI and DSM-5 and all kinds of other alphabet soup that parents of kids with diagnoses have to learn overnight.  If you liked, you will love its grown-up cousin .  Sign ups are still free right now! Or you can choose to support the project at $5/month (or $50 per year) or take advantage of our launch sale of $3/month and $30 per year. I'm hoping that I can get enough voluntary supporters (think: public radio) that I can keep it free forever.  Go check it out and see if it's useful or interesting for your life!  Follow Medical Motherhood on Facebook Follow Medical Motherhood on Twitter Follow Medical Motherhood on Instagram Visit th

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