Wordless Wednesday: A boy and his truck

Look who can stand at a table all by himself for several minutes without falling down!


He loves wheels for some reason.


  1. Anonymous11:41 AM

    He looks like he's really enjoying himself. What a happy day for Mom, too!

  2. He is quite the boy today. Love how those fingers are exploring the wheels - you need manual dexterity to do that!

  3. Is he a million times proud of himself?! I am so proud of him! : )

  4. That is so great!He looks so happy. It must really be a proud day for you. Well I have some great news of my own to tell you about. Even though it isn't confirmed yet it looks like my daughters tests for cystic fibrosis may be negative. We'll know for sure tomorrow. So of the preliminary results are showing negative so he suspects things are ok with that. He's still very concerned though over why her health is the way it is.

    1. That's just wonderful, Ross. I hope they figure it out soon, but I'm very glad it's not cystic fibrosis.


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