Bugs, Butts, Monkeys and Skeletons
Happy Halloween!

This Halloween was the best so far. The boys got introduced to the idea of going around to neighbor's houses, knocking on the doors and then NOT going inside. Apparently that is the trick. 

My little guys were matching skeletons, as you can see from this ridiculously cute picture. (They both decided to play with their belly buttons at the same time while watching Blues Clues. So stinkin' cute.)

Get a load of the look on JJ's face. Watch out ladies!

Matt and I were both generic black Halloween-y-type-things. The creativity of Halloweens past was tamped down this year by the release of my board book Dark & Light: A Love Story in Black and White. More on that later. 

Here's the guys Trick-or-Treating. We revived their monkey jackets from last year as they still fit and it was too cold for just the skeleton suits alone.

Once we got back from the few houses we went to, JJ pulled the lid off one of the jack-o-laterns on our porch while I wasn't looking and said "Oh. Ants." I turned around and saw his tiny little hand covered in black sugar ants and I said "ACK! ANTS!"

JJ, however, wasn't the slightest bit perturbed. The ants are gone now — likely irritated that a giant ruined their meal — but JJ still pulls the lid off the small one every time we go outside and proudly says: "Ants!" And then he pulls the lid off the bigger one and says: "No ants."

Turns out candy makes Malachi into a thesaurus. After one or two rather sugary fruit snacks and a single Kit-Kat stick, he said: "Candy! So delicious! ...So good! ...So tasty!"

He also made his very first butt joke, which really ought to be a milestone in one of those silly developmental tests he always has to take.

My husband was saying: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh."

Malachi interjected — arching his entire body, so we knew he had thought of something exciting —  with: "Oh... my... ... ... BUTT!"

Uh-huh. Them's my boys. Talkin' 'bout bugs and butts while dressed as monkeys and dead things. 


  1. First butt joke is an awesome milestone!

  2. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Potty humor is FOREVER with boys and endlessly funny. And that couch picture really is the cutest ever.

  3. Ah yes! Talking about butts! You have to love this stage.

  4. Ah yes! Talking about butts! You have to love this stage.


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