Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Amazing before and after videos of a child with cerebral palsy crawling

Earlier, I posted videos of Malachi prop sitting for a full minute and also commando crawling around on his beloved new alphabet mat. And yesterday, I posted a full description of the many changes I saw in Malachi during our fourth trip to the Anat Baniel Method Center in California.

Today I have something really special. As I watched Malachi crawl around a few days ago, I remembered a video I tried to take for a very generous friend who sent us a new iPad for Malachi. I had wanted to show how the iPad was enough of a motivating force for Malachi to inch forward. And it was, but the video is so sad. Malachi looks more like a man dying of thirst crawling towards an oasis than a self-motivated and empowered little boy, so I decided not to send it.

But perhaps I took that video for a useful and joyful purpose after all. See for yourself:

The first video was taken Aug. 6, a couple weeks after returning from our third trip to the ABM Center.

This one was taken Sept. 16, a couple weeks after returning from our fourth trip.

This seems to me a remarkable difference in little more than a month. What do you think?


  1. Wow what a huge difference wtg Malachi

  2. That's so awesome! What a big difference! Great job, Malachi!

  3. That is so fantastic! Way to go Malachi!

  4. That is so fantastic! Way to go Malachi!

  5. I def see a HUGE difference! I've heard some amazing things about ABM, I'm glad you are giving it a try!

  6. Go Malachi! That is amazing!

  7. Huge difference!! Way to go Malachi!

  8. Thank you guys so much!!! It's nice to hear validation!

  9. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Hip hip HOORAY. Hip hip HOORAy. Hip hip HOORAY! That really is amazing. So worth all the time and effort and money and energy and love you're putting into his development. Great job both of you!



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