We're being audited for 2010.

No joke.

The year from hell. The year I hate to think about. The year I'll never forget. The absolute, worse year of my life.

I get to relive it, in tax-form.

I shouldn't be surprised. I myself have laid awake countless nights, auditing that year.

Was there something I could have done differently? Could I have prevented his brain injury? Did I contribute to it? Could I have improved his outcome if I had started XYZ earlier? What, please God, tell me, what was I supposed to do? And, dammit all, WHY didn't you answer my prayers???

Of course, the IRS couldn't have picked a worse year. I am meticulous about keeping receipts and filing away copies and all the things one is "supposed" to do. Except that year. That crazy year when, yes, Mr. Tax Man, we did suddenly go from having two incomes and no dependents to having one income and two dependents plus lots of medical bills.

Does that seem strange to you, Mr. Tax Man? I agree. It seems very strange to me, too.


  1. My family was audited in 2010 as well, if they ask for things you don't have and you write in that you can't find everything because life was chaos with 2 babies that year, they will sometimes cut you a break. I've heard of people writing in on their audit forms that they suffered from the temporary insanity from parenting a newborn and the IRS let them off - wish I had thought of that when I was audited. Ended up paying a bunch of money because I threw away some receipts. And since they found we owed for that year, they took it back 2 years and decided those must have been done wrong too without even checking them. Good luck.

    1. Ugh, that sounds super rough. I really hope I can get this cleared up.

  2. I didn't even realize the IRS could go back and audit people nearly 2 years later. Sigh. Something else to worry about.


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