Wordless Wednesday: Science museum. With twins. Alone.

I thought it was high time I record the insanity that is taking two little boys to the local interactive science museum, especially when one can't move himself around. My solution? Strap a leash on one, strap one to my chest and keep only essentials in my pockets, no purses or jackets.

It's still pretty nuts, since Jaden runs every which way, but at least not having to hold and position Malachi allows him to interact with the exhibits a bit more than in a stroller.

They absolutely love elevators. All elevators.
They have a huge fit whenever we have to stop riding the elevator.

New Lego exhibit. Malachi likes the headless dude.

Yes! Back to the elevator!

Look at how well Malachi is using his pointer finger!


  1. You are one brave mama! We should take all the boys one day. Of course Parker is too big to carry so he has to be in a stroller.

  2. yeah, super mom! my little guy loves elevators, but the escalator has recently taken precedence!

  3. Anonymous4:42 PM

    That sounds super fun. Of course, I'm actually exhausted from just having thought about it. Gold star day for Mommy!


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