Wordless Wednesday: Spotlight on Jaden

Strangely, this is the same look I had on my face when
I discovered the kitchen disaster in the previous picture.


  1. Are your boys TTTS twins? I have identical boys who will be 11. And my one son has pal and brain bleed. They are amazing.... I remember when my boys discovered the water dispenser on the fridg and the sounds of laughter and pool they made of my kitchen.

  2. Hi Eli, welcome!

    No, my boys were not TTTS but Malachi's umbilical cord had a velamentous (sp?) insertion, meaning it wasn't fully in the placenta. We have no idea what caused his brain bleed but on my better days I blame that because it's the only thing that I couldn't even have remotely changed.

    Thanks for sharing that cute story; I love to hear of "normal" moments of joy from special needs families.

  3. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Aww isn't he just the cutest :) Thanks for sharing your family with me :)

  4. Awwww! He's super cute and ADORABLE!

    Have a nice day!


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