Universal truths I've learned from babies

»  Messes have value.

»  No matter how complicated life seems, if you're cranky it's almost always because you're actually tired or hungry. 

»  Emotional pain is worse than physical pain. 

»  Break a problem down into infinitesimally small pieces to make it easier to solve. 

»  We may hate boundaries but appropriate ones make us feel safer and thus ultimately give us more freedom. 

»  The texture and timing of bowel movements are way more important to our health and wellbeing than we give them credit for. 

»  You can always find a way to make something fun. And if you can't, it's probably not worth doing.

»  Things are 'no' (i.e. forbidden) because they are dangerous, fragile or not yours. 

»  Wear your cutest clothes now because you won't fit into them later. 

»  It is natural to feel like a material object (a toy, a house) is part of you and to feel upset when it is lost. 

»  Staying somewhere where you can't learn/experience anything new is BORING and makes you want to cry.

»  Never give up.

»  Farting noises are always hilarious. 


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