Announcing a Week to Celebrate the Siblings!

One of the things I mourned the most about Malachi's diagnosis of cerebral palsy was that he and his identical twin would never be identical. No one would confuse them for each other, no one would ask me how I tell them apart.

But I also mourned for Jaden. I knew that this diagnosis would also affect him tremendously because we, his parents, would always be spending an unequal amount of time and attention on his brother.

And so it goes.

But in talking to another blogger about how amazing our "other" kid is, I thought: "Gosh, wouldn't it be great to take some time to talk about THEM on our blogs?"

Many other bloggers agreed, so this week we are taking a chance to recognize the siblings of our special needs children. April 10 is National Siblings Day, so we are calling this Special Needs Sibling Week. We will use our blogs to write about "The Other One" (as Kate Strohm calls herself in her instructive book on being a sibling of a person with special needs). Here is the schedule:

Wednesday: Team Aidan
Thursday: Love that Max 
Friday: Fisch Tank
Sunday: Recap and thanks

If you blog about your special needs kid and want to join us in our celebration of The Other One in your household, take a minute to link up your post using the following linky. Then come back every day this week for the next blogger in our series!


  1. Darn can not belive i missed this :( next year i will do this


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