Baby Elephant (Silent Sunday)

Our local zoo just had a baby Elephant, Lilly, arrive a few months ago. (A two-year gestation period followed by the birth of a 300-pound baby — no thanks.)

I was having a really rough day last week and decided the only thing to do was pack up my kids and go look at the baby elephant. It didn't fix any of the things in my life that I was upset over, but it did make me feel better, and that's all I needed.


  1. I couldn't imagine a two year gestation period! My girls love to visit the zoo. Although the nearest zoo is five hours away! Things have been kind of crazy around my house so sorry I haven't dropped by lately. Everything that could happen is happening and so it hasn't left a lot of time to check in on my friends blogs. Have a great weekend!

  2. Aww, babies!

    We have a zoo/aquarium nearby, but haven't been able to afford to go yet (tiny shoestring budget and all). My daughter is enamored with fish and aquatic life and my son has a fondness for monkeys and big cats, so I'm hoping to be able to afford it for the next major outing.


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