Wordless Wednesday:
I Only Have Apps for You

Here's a friend of mine, proudly displaying his Kindle library... with only one book in it! Mine! So exciting! He said he downloaded the (free!) app just to read it.

I've been pretty busy this week, so I haven't gotten a chance to tell the blogosphere that my book is now available on eight different platforms through Smashwords.com. It is also still available through Amazon's Kindle, and I would recommend you go there if you want the Kindle version because it automatically downloads to your device. But, Smashwords is pretty cool because even if you are soooo lame as to not have an eBook reader (ahem, yeah, I don't either) you can still download it as a PDF or even just read it in your web browser.

I've gotten rave reviews so far! Go see what you think!


  1. Since I am new here, tell me about your book! What is it about? Why did you write it? Tell me all that fun stuff!

  2. Hi Ellen!

    Thank you for that excellent question. If you click on the "A Twist of Fate" label in the black box up there, you will get my four posts on the book, but I'll explain briefly.

    The book is a novella about three women who unexpectedly switch places and find the personality traits that were getting them into trouble in their own lives catapult them to success in the other's. It is a meditation on fate and how our lives and our perceptions of ourselves can be shaped by our immediate surroundings. That sounded pompous, though. It's also just a fun read!

    As to why, I have always wanted to be an author. My plan for the last year was to have ONE baby and write, but that didn't work out so good! At least I got enough time to write this one. It is 28,000 words and available through Amazon (Kindle format) and Smashwords (many formats) for only $2.99!




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