Stories of Random Acts of Kindness

For my 30th birthday, I asked for 30 people to do an act of kindness and tell me about it on my Facebook page. So far, nine wonderful people have told me their stories and I love them so much I thought I would share a few of them here.

Some people said they only remembered about my request after their act. But that was fine too, because it made me realize that we really don't have a forum for talking about this kind of stuff. Unless someone specifically asks you about a time you did a good deed, you're pretty unlikely to share it because you feel like you're grandstanding.

Well. Not here, my friend. I want to hear all of those stories because they show us how much good there is out in the world and how much power we have to change it, one deed at a time.

Just like these women I heard about yesterday, who are now my new heroes. They took it upon themselves to work a little harder at saving money and put that money directly into helping random strangers. It's a great story. I highly recommend you click on the link.

So, without further ado, here's some fantastic stories from my Facebook page.

I thought of your acts of kindness challenge when pondering this decision. I decided to let ,my husbands high school friend that is going through a divorce stay in our home for awhile. This was a lot for me to choose this as an option, because we really enjoy our family time and for somebody else to constantly be in our home is a lot to ask. And to say the least he has a very large presence. However it is helping him out tremendously and I am happy that our kindness Wil get him to the next step along his path.

I donated one cup of rice to a hungry Indian through in honour of your birthday. Happy birthday we love you!!! (This one is from Nisha, a fellow blogger, who wrote this lovely post about my challenge. Nisha is an inspiration!)

Thank you for the acts of kindness challenge - its given me the extra edge to speak up in two situations I wouldn't have otherwise. The act was very very small on my part, but it took an enormous effort on my part to actually speak to a stranger. I was sitting next to a woman with three kids, two at or under two, one on her lap and one screaming to get up. Screaming, relentlessly, the entire ride. I tried to smile at her and the kids, and the hard part for me, as I was reaching my stop, I told her I'd been there, and she was amazingly patient and doing a great job. For someone that prefers to keep her head down and never ever make eye contact, let alone speak, it was a big deal for me. Thank you for the push to reach out!

There's still a few days left in the month of August! And, if you remember from my original challenge, everyone who tells me about their act of kindness — preferably on my Facebook page — is entered to win their own "act of kindness" from me. What will it be? I can't say yet because I hope to tailor it to the random winner! So get out there and do some good!

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  1. I love all the stories, I am planning on doing raok for my birthday as well. That is what brought me here. I was looking for ideas. I will be 37 and last year I had a great bday. No party but it was all about me, the perfect me day. So I thought wouldn't it be so much greater if it wasn't about me, but about giving to others instead.

    On the occasion that I get drive thru. I will pay for the person behind me. It has always been breakfast and it really brightens up my day. I have had someone wave thank you frantically. Otherwise, you don't really know the implact it had, but that is OK.


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