11 questions (Part One)

OK, so yeah, this is nothing more than a glorified chain letter, but it's fun and I actually spent a lot of thought and time on it, so deal with it.

A million years ago, Andi from Bringing the Sunshine tagged me in an 11 Questions post. The meme goes that you say 11 random things about yourself, answer 11 questions, ask 11 questions and then tag 11 other bloggers to answer those questions. To me, that seems like an extraordinary number of requirements, which is why it took me so long to respond! Somebody should change it to the "3 Questions"!

Like Andi, I'll break mine into two parts. Today I’ll post my 11 Random Things, tag a few of my favorite bloggers and my 11 questions for them. Tomorrow I’ll answer Andi's questions for me. First...

The Rules

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 11 random things about yourself.
3) Answer the questions set for you in the post of those who tagged you.
4) Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5) Go to their blog (or email them or tweet them) and tell the people you tagged that you’ve tagged them.
6) No stuff in the tagging section about “you are tagged if you are reading this.” You legitimately have to tag 11 people.


11 Random Things:

1. I have eight trees on my property, but only one of them is over 10 feet tall.

2. I made my husband return my engagement ring and buy me one that was smaller.

3. I went to a Japanese-immersion elementary and middle school.

4. My favorite "bachelorette" meal was a loaf of French bread, some exotic cheeses, too much wine and just enough dark chocolate.

5. I dislike tropical fruit of all sorts. Yes, that includes pineapple.

6. I have no full siblings, but was raised the youngest of a half-sister and a half-brother who are the same age (sort of like twins, hmm...) but not blood-related to each other.

7. As of this writing, I have 38 unread messages in my inbox.

8. My skin never tans. I burn, I gain a few freckles, and then I go back to pure white again.

9. My favorite donuts are Bavarian creme, just in case you want to get me some.

10. I used to be horse-crazy and owned a Morgan (that's a horse breed in case you don't know) named Darius.

11. This:

11 Bloggers: You've Been Tagged!*

http://laurastanfill.wordpress.com/ <-- (the only one on this list not-CP-related. Hmm... I think I need to branch out a little more.)

My 11 Questions for you!

1. What products do you have in your shower?

2. What one frivolous (not essential to survival) thing would you want with you on a desert island?

3. What's your favorite throw-together meal?

4. If you could only visit one restaurant for the rest of your life, which would it be?

5. What color is your favorite pair of shoes?

6. Dogs or cats? (Or, "other"?)

7. Describe a moment, however brief, in the past week when you felt joyful.

8. You have an entire day off from responsibilities, but you can't spend any money. What does your free dream day look like?

9. If you had $1 million to give to charity, what cause would you give it to?

10. What is a picture that you wish you had? Either a moment in time that wasn't captured, a picture of a person passed or a place in the world? Anything you would like an image of.

11. Would you rather have a blanket made of the softest material imaginable with a stone bed or a rough, scratchy blanket with a gloriously soft and cushy bed?

Check back tomorrow for my answers to Andi's questions!

* If anyone out there is upset that they didn't get tagged, feel free to pretend like I tagged you and answer these questions. I definitely want to hear your answers. I literally just sort of went down my RSS feed to choose bloggers, so I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.


  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    38 unread messages in your inbox? Good god, I am hyper ventilating over here.

    1. I know. I used to be really good about it but then it reached this critical mass and my eyes just sort of glaze over whenever I click to my mail program. I've got to figure out something soon.

  2. Thank you for tagging me 11 Questions is on my to-do list :)

  3. Love it! My favorite is #4, this would still be my favorite meal.

    And I don't like pineapple either. I am not really a fruit fan myself.

    And #11 ???? :)

    Thanks for tagging me. This will be fun!

    1. lol, No. 11 was at OMSI After Dark.

  4. Thanks for tagging me! Give that writing thing a little push.

    1. When I clicked over to your blog and saw you were 35-weeks pregnant (didn't you JUST give birth? Where have I been?) I figured you might not have time but I didn't want to pick another blogger. Glad you're interested!

  5. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Thanks for tagging me. I've had writers block so this may help.

    I really want to hear your husband's take on #2. And I had a Boston Creme pie at my wedding so yeah, I'll meet you for #9. These are great!

    1. Cool! Glad you're interested.

      Yeah, Matt's still mad about No. 2. He says I wasn't allowed to say I didn't like the ring, and he's probably right. It was just ridiculously big to me. I wear a simple band with diamonds and sapphires now.

  6. Ok, I played along. Only a little bit though...


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