It happens every night

It happens every night.

We finally get the boys off to bed. I'm exhausted. I look around my trashed house. Some days I get up the energy to do something about it for a few minutes. Most days I don't.

I'm so tired. I just want to go to bed. Right now.

But it's 8 p.m. an evil voice in my mind says. You can't go to bed yet. You haven't had any "me" time. 

So I open my computer and spend a few seconds checking Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc.

Damn. Now it's 9 p.m. I should really get to bed.

I go through the house to get myself a glass of water and the Two-Second Project monsters attack me. I take out the trash, clean that spot that's been bothering me all day, feed the cat, switch the laundry and... ACK! How did it get to be 9:30?? You were exhausted two hours ago. GO TO BED.

So I do.

But there's that book on the nightstand, the evil voice says. Shouldn't you have just a little me time? All that other stuff was chores. 

Yes. OK. So I fall into another universe. When I emerge it's 10:40. Crap. I should really go to bed.

Lights out.

Am I still here? Yup. Still exhausted? Yup. But just laying here. Awake. For no reason.

Shhh! Was that a baby crying? Nooo! Go back to sleep!

OK, he did. But now what? Will he just wake up again in 15 minutes? Oh my God, even if he doesn't it's only 6 hours until they normally wake up. Crap! Go to sleep!

Still here. Awake.


  1. I can totally relate to the never-ending list of stuff I should get done. It sucks. I can also relate to the issue of sleep. I believe parents don't sleep soundly until the kids have moved out of the house! Crap I've got another 16 yrs of sleeping with one ear in their room!

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    Been there!


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