I bought a wedding dress!

Goodness! One minute I'm having dinner with my mom and the next I'm buying a wedding dress at David's Bridal's $99 sale. It wasn't quite $99, but it was pretty damn cheap. ...well, for a wedding dress.

The whole experience was pretty surreal. I guess I hadn't really mentally prepared myself for trying on wedding dresses. I was just bopping around the store as you might at a Ross Dress for Less or something, and suddenly I came out of the dressing room and there was a strange person in the mirror with a very culturally significant dress on.

I didn't quite know how to feel. There was my mom and the saleswoman standing there commenting on this or that they liked and didn't like. And I was completely neutral about it. I honestly couldn't really summon that much feeling about it. Maybe I was in shock. It was pretty, it was white, so... yeah. It's also big. Did I really want the big poofy wedding dress? Am I that kind of girl? These questions probably should have been answered before I walked in the door...

So we tried on a couple more (yes, "we," plural. It takes help to get in those dresses) and then we got to one of the first dresses my mom and I had picked out.

Then the shock wore off: I was in a WEDDING DRESS. MY wedding dress. And it was preeetty. I could feel tears welling up. Some one watching asked if I felt like crying. I said yes. She said, Yeah, we've found that's when you know you've found it.

I tried on a few more and went back to that one. I walked around in it and even though it's A-line and poofy on the bottom, it actually became more comfortable the longer I was in it. Good sign.

So, you're probably wondering what it looks like! Well, I'm not going to post a picture here in case you-know-who sees. But it's white satin with beautiful embroidered flowers in just a hint of pale pink, blue and green. It's got a little bit of beading to make it sparkle and I got a matching necklace and earrings set.

Now I need a veil... something borrowed anyone?


  1. Yeah! A dress. I don't know if I would peg you as the traditional, white dress wearing kind of bride. But big and poofy sound fun to me! I was thinking...since my coming up to visit and see the grand-ole-thing would cost at least 35 times more than anyone else, do I qualify as a email-picture recipient??? Please!

  2. Yesss... that sounds fair. I have to take a picture to send to my sister too since it would quite literally take an act of congress to let her see it. ;-)
    I'll play dress up this weekend and make someone take a picture.


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