Get me out of this host family

I can't wait to get out of here. 
By next Wednesday, the 1st, I'll be buying my own food (for much cheaper) and won't have to come home to an uncomfortable situation every day. Here's a run down of the latest events:
My host dad left for a two-week business trip to Mali, which I thought would be cool because I wouldn't have to feel stressed out everytime I saw him. It was cool, for about six hours. He left Saturday morning and my 18 y.o. host brother threw a huge party Saturday night — understandable. The next day, he doesn't clean up. The next day he doesn't clean up. He doesn't lift a goddamn finger until Wednesday when he finally wakes up around 2 p.m. I can't handle anymore the cups filled with alcoholic beverages on every flat surface and I yell at him to clean up.
This Saturday, the grandparents came to take care of the two daughters who come every other week. I thought they would be nicer, since grandparents, as my friend said, "usually don't care whose child you are."
I come home Saturday from a wine festival in the Beaujolais region (I was sick so I didn't partake much). I had left a note welcoming the grandparents, letting them know I would be home in time for dinner and left my number so they could contact me. When I greet them, they are rather cold, but I stick around downstairs to be sociable. After a while and no one's talking to me, I go up to my room to hang laundry to dry. My host brother comes in to my room and says "We're leaving. You're going to be alone tonight." I go, "umm.. okay." He said, "no, that's a question. Are you going to be alone tonight? Are you planning on inviting anybody over?" "No..," I said. "Okay, well we're going to dinner," he said. Thinking maybe I didn't understand I said, "oh well I can come." "No," he replies, "it's a family dinner. Have a good evening." Then they leave me all alone in the house. Screw that. I went to my boyfriend's place and stayed the night. But I still did leave a note saying when I'd be back.

The one good thing about the grandparents being here though is that they (probably just the grandmother) have cleaned almost everything and the house seems like a real home now. Not like a bachelor pad with a putrid fridge, no toilet paper, and nothing to eat but ham sandwiches.


I start my internship finally today. I have no real idea what I'll be doing, but I'm in the Features department, so that should be interesting. The way the French view internships though is much different than Americans. Firstly, they keep telling me how weird it is that I want to be there for six months. Apparently, two weeks or one month is about the average stay for French students. Next, they keep asking me what I want to do and what I'd like to get out of this, as if they're a school and it's their responsibility to make sure I learn and experience everything I'd like to. American interns are lucky if they experience stuff as they deliver coffee to the professionals who are actually doing something.


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