I'm a real boy!

I got my luggage back!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!
Not only that, I just got a debit card and a cell phone today! I feel like an actual person again! Living as a tourist was fun for a while, but I'm surprised to find out how relieved I am to have all my creature comforts. I feel established now.
So, before I forget, my number is (country code: 33) +
All three of these things required courage on my part, so I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate myself.

Yesterday was September 11th. The French media covered the remembrance ceremonies in New York in about the same way the American media would. They showed a bit more graphic footage of the planes hitting the two towers, I think, but that was about it. For the French, however, September 11th is merely a backdrop for the story of the continued capture of two French journalists in Iraq. The journalists have been hostages for more than 20 days now, and people all around France staged rallies yesterday to express solidarity with the two men.


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